Scott Heine, DMin, MDiv, MA, NCC
Licensed Professional Counselor (VA & DC)

Don’t allow life’s circumstances to define your journey. By partnering together to face your challenges, we’ll work to heal the past, embrace the present, and create your future.

Help is available for a variety of circumstances:

Stress and Anxiety

Tense and challenging circumstances, disrupted appetite and sleep patterns, difficulty, lack of self-awareness or self-regulating skills, panic and fear, persistent anger or outbursts

Grief and Loss

Death of a loved one or companion, separation or divorce, infertility or miscarriage, job or financial security, sense of identity or social standing

Shame and Guilt

Regret or sorrow from past choices, difficulty forgiving yourself and others, feeling in bondage to the past

Past & Present Trauma

Abuse (sexual, physical, verbal), neglect and abandonment, intergenerational family issues, witnessing trauma, racial trauma


Persistent sadness or tearfulness, loss of hope and ambition, lack of interest and pleasure, fatigue, disrupted appetite and sleep patterns, memory loss, irritation and short temper

Personal Growth

Body image issues, difficulty regulating emotions or outbursts, low self-esteem, struggles with personal ambition and pursuing goals

Marriage & Family Issues

Loss of trust and intimacy, escalating conflict, jealousy, resentment, betrayal and infidelity, parent-child tensions, co-parenting, blended families, attachment issues, broken communication patterns, ambivalence

Spiritual Identity & Purpose

Confusing beliefs or worldview, painful religious experiences, doubt, unclear sense of self, loss of purpose and direction, hopelessness

“I’m committed to providing a safe setting for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences that are affecting you day-to-day. Together we’ll work toward a healthier, more satisfying future.”

Dr. Scott Heine


Individualized therapy for adolescents and adults across the life span.


Working both individually and together to build a better relationship.

or Telehealth

Meet face-to-face or via a secure, online video setting for your convenience.

Getting Started

Book an Appointment

Schedule an intake and complete some forms to help me know more about you and your circumstances.


Your First Session

We’ll get to know each other as you share details about what you’re facing. Together we will set goals for your future therapy.

Ongoing Therapy

We will work together toward your goals. My role is to support and equip you for success.